AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-25Remove form-action CSP directiveHEADmasterr
2023-10-22fluoride: Add image preview for profile imager
2023-10-22Fix replace syntaxr
2023-10-15Use CSP header to restrict resource loadingr
2023-10-15Restrict instance level custom CSS to static directoryr
2023-10-07Remove unused session ID fieldr
2023-10-07Cleanup oauth redirect URL generationr
2023-10-07Use stricter cookie attributesr
2023-10-02Revoke oauth token on signoutr
2023-10-01Cleanup file upload functionsr
2023-10-01Add profile edit pager
2023-09-24Fix minimum required Go version in go.modr
2023-09-24Use a custom LimitedReader instead of http.MaxBytesReaderr
2023-09-22Sanitize user field nameromin
2023-09-18Restrict instance domain in single_instance moder
2023-09-18Set timeout and response size limit for the http clientr
2023-09-09fluoride: Allow submitting the form with Ctrl+Enterr
2023-09-09Disable access log by defaultr
2023-09-08Trim leading and trailing white space from selectable textr
2023-09-08Load CSS on the root pager
2023-09-08Fix display name and title on mute pager
2023-09-08Fix userlist marginr
2022-12-17Add support for expiring mutesr
2022-12-17Pass with_relationships param for accountsr
2022-12-17Show emojis in Mastadon field namesr
2022-10-25Use cookies for session storager
2022-10-24Show emojis in Mastadon fieldsr
2022-09-23Remove unused card field from statusr
2022-09-09Show BlockedBy on user pagePete
2022-05-10Fix CSS inconsistenciesr
2022-05-10Add missing @ sign in the reply post formr
2022-05-10Refactor duration formattingr
2022-05-10Fix custom CSSr
2022-05-04fluoride: Add support for image.pngr
2022-04-17Lazy load images on emoji pager
2022-03-31Fix user search pager
2022-03-30Show attachment metadata when attachment preview is disabledr
2022-03-30fluoride: Use max-width for popupr
2022-03-30fluoride: Use target=_blank for user field linksr
2022-03-30Set max size for embedded images in profile descriptionr
2022-03-30Fix duration overflowr
2022-03-30Switch to html/templater
2022-02-11Add listsr
2022-02-10Don't overwrite global config file on make installr
2022-01-27Fix null imgPrev in setPosr
2022-01-27Add refresh button on timeline pager
2022-01-27Refactor status filterr
2022-01-27Highlight quotesr
2022-01-02Simplify id generationr
2022-01-02Use GO's flag parser instead of getoptr