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absolute_fluorideMerge branch 'master' into absolute_fluorider12 months
masterSanitize user field nameromin28 hours
remote_timelineAdd WIP remote timeliner3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
28 hoursSanitize user field nameHEADmasterromin
5 daysRestrict instance domain in single_instance moder
6 daysSet timeout and response size limit for the http clientr
2023-09-09fluoride: Allow submitting the form with Ctrl+Enterr
2023-09-09Disable access log by defaultr
2023-09-08Trim leading and trailing white space from selectable textr
2023-09-08Load CSS on the root pager
2023-09-08Fix display name and title on mute pager
2023-09-08Fix userlist marginr
2022-12-17Add support for expiring mutesr