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2020-11-22Refactor thingsr
2020-10-30Fix http clientr
2020-08-22Fix invalid CSS syntaxr
2020-05-24Refactor thingsr
2020-04-19Add single instance moder
2020-02-26Fix logfiler
2020-01-31Add install target for maker
2020-01-28Fix error printingr
2020-01-28Update configr
2020-01-28Refactor everythingr
2020-01-01Rename package to bloatr
2020-01-01Add command line flag to specify config filer
2019-12-26Add post format selectionr
2019-12-25Update header template and add option for custom cssr
2019-12-17Use filesystem based kv store instead of sqliter
2019-12-13Initial commitr