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2021-09-05Add quick replyr
2021-04-03Add option for user CSSr
2020-11-22Refactor thingsr
2020-11-14Add notification interval settingr
2020-10-19Add setting for default formatr
2020-09-03Fix issues related to AntiDopamine moder
2020-09-03Add the Anti Dopamine featureHyphen
2020-06-18Disable scope selection when replying to a direct postr
2020-05-24Refactor thingsr
2020-04-25Add option to hide attachmentsr
2020-03-04Remove session details on signoutr
2020-02-18Add frame based navigationr
2020-02-02Add status deletionr
2020-02-01Use vendored dependenciesr
2020-01-28Refactor everythingr
2020-01-26Add CSRF protectionr
2020-01-12Add dark moder
2020-01-08Add fluoride moder
2020-01-01Rename package to bloatr
2019-12-31Add option to mask nsfw attachmentsr
2019-12-29Add default settingsr
2019-12-27Add settings pager
2019-12-26Add post format selectionr
2019-12-21Add support for scopesr
2019-12-21Use a custom client for settingsr
2019-12-21Use json format for app and session repor
2019-12-21Use a single form for new posts and repliesr
2019-12-18Add reply links on thread pager
2019-12-17Use filesystem based kv store instead of sqliter
2019-12-13Initial commitr