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2022-01-27Merge branch 'master' into absolute_fluorider
2022-01-27Fix null imgPrev in setPosr
2022-01-27Add refresh button on timeline pager
2022-01-27Highlight quotesr
2022-01-02Fix image preview position on load eventr
2021-09-05Fix "more content" z-indexr
2021-09-05Fix "more content" z-indexr
2021-05-30Merge branch 'master' into absolute_fluorider
2021-05-30Fix css box and emoji list styler
2021-04-09Add image preview popupr
2021-01-30Add filtersr
2021-01-30Merge branch 'master' into absolute_fluorider
2021-01-17Change default theme colorsr
2021-01-16Fix unread notification indicatorr
2021-01-16Make like/retweet notification content semi-transparentr
2020-11-22Fix CSSr
2020-11-14Fix link targetsr
2020-11-11Fix CSS issuesr
2020-11-09Add fluoridated reply to popupr
2020-11-08Fix CSS issuesr
2020-10-30Fix CSS issuesr
2020-10-20Add faviconr
2020-10-19Add keyboard shortcutsr
2020-10-19Fix CSS issuesr
2020-09-27Fix CSS issuesr
2020-09-22Make navigation links more prominentr
2020-09-22Use '@' prefix for all usernamesr
2020-09-22Update CSSr
2020-09-03Fix issues related to AntiDopamine moder
2020-08-22Fix invalid CSS syntaxr
2020-06-21fluoride: Fix syntax and formattingr
2020-06-21fluoride: Use target=_blank for status linksr
2020-06-20Fix status overflowr
2020-06-07Imporve text selection for usernames and emoji shortcodesr
2020-06-05Show status numbersr
2020-06-02Fix status widthr
2020-05-24Fix video marginr
2020-05-24Imporve emoji styler
2020-04-19Revert "Fix pre tag overflow"r
2020-04-19Fix pre tag overflowr
2020-04-14Fix UI issuesr
2020-03-04Add description on signin pager
2020-03-04Remove session details on signoutr
2020-02-26Display empty list messager
2020-02-18Add frame based navigationr
2020-02-09Add poll supportr
2020-02-02Add conversation mutingr
2020-02-01Fix fluorider
2020-01-30Add user search pager
2020-01-30Remove iconsr