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2022-03-30Show attachment metadata when attachment preview is disabledr
2022-03-30Switch to html/templater
2021-11-22Fix time parsing for empty stringr
2021-11-16Escape user display namer
2021-09-05Add quick replyr
2021-08-26Show spoiler text even when post content is emtpyr
2021-05-30Fix retweet button for private/direct postr
2021-05-10Fix emojisr
2021-04-23Fix HTML escapingr
2021-04-07Fix animated avatarsr
2021-04-07Use preview url for imagesr
2021-01-17Make redirection work without Referer headerr
2021-01-16Show attachment file name instead of the typer
2021-01-16Show emojis in poll optionsr
2020-11-28Fix RTL display name renderingr
Wrap all the inline display names in a <bdi> tag
2020-11-11Fix CSS issuesr
- fix text wrapping on reply popup - fix margin for media links
2020-10-30Fix CSS issuesr
2020-10-19Simplify retweet/like formr
2020-09-27Add bookmarksr
- Add bookmark/unbookmark link on mouse hover - Add bookmarks section on user profile page
2020-09-22Use '@' prefix for all usernamesr
2020-09-22Update CSSr
Now it's mostly CSS 2.1 compliant. All the images now use the height attribute to limit the size on browsers that don't support CSS.
2020-09-03Add the Anti Dopamine featureHyphen
2020-08-22Show username tootltip on avatarr@freesoftwareextremist.com
2020-06-05Show status numbersr
2020-05-24Use attachment description as titler
2020-05-03Use default preload setting for audio and videor
2020-04-25Add option to hide attachmentsr
2020-02-26Gracefully handle the elephantr
2020-02-23Use <base> element to set targetr
2020-02-19Fix time duration valuer
- Make sure that duration is not < 0 - Handle nil ExpiresAt time in poll
2020-02-18Add frame based navigationr
2020-02-09Add poll supportr
Currenlty only voting is possible.
2020-02-02Add status deletionr
2020-02-02Add conversation mutingr
2020-01-30Remove iconsr
2020-01-29Update notification layoutr
2020-01-26Add CSRF protectionr
2020-01-14Refactor renderer and templatesr
2020-01-12Add dark moder
2020-01-11Add status reply preview in fluoride moder
2020-01-11Use url fragment for post link on thread pager
2020-01-10Use readable timestamp for statusesr
2020-01-08Add fluoride moder
2020-01-05Fix duplicate status idsr
Use retweeted_by_id to focus target tweet
2020-01-04Use post method for like and retweetr
2020-01-01Use png icons instead of font iconsr
2019-12-31Add option to mask nsfw attachmentsr
2019-12-29Add default settingsr
2019-12-26Add liked by and retweeted by pager
2019-12-26Fix scope iconr