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2022-02-11Add listsr
2021-12-13Add an option to hide unsupported notificationsr
2021-11-22Fix time parsing for empty stringr
2021-10-29Add "mute (keep notifications)" buttonr
2021-10-23Show signin button in case of an auth errorr
2021-01-30Add filtersr
2021-01-23Use attachment file name as descriptionr
2021-01-23Add remote timeliner
2021-01-16Fix user infor
2020-10-30Fix http clientr
2020-09-27Add bookmarksr
2020-09-03Fix issues related to AntiDopamine moder
2020-09-03Implement exclusion params for notifications API callHyphen
2020-06-05Show status numbersr
2020-04-19Add account {hide,show}retweetsr
2020-04-17Add account {,un}subscriber
2020-02-26Gracefully handle the elephantr
2020-02-19Fix time duration valuer
2020-02-09Add poll supportr
2020-02-02Add conversation mutingr
2020-02-01Use vendored dependenciesr
2020-01-31Remove websocket apir
2020-01-31Update user pager
2020-01-30Add user search pager
2020-01-29Update notification layoutr
2020-01-28Add direct timeliner
2020-01-14Refactor renderer and templatesr
2020-01-12Add dark moder
2020-01-05Fix duplicate status idsr
2019-12-31Add option to mask nsfw attachmentsr
2019-12-29Add default settingsr
2019-12-26Add search pager
2019-12-26Add post format selectionr
2019-12-25Add local and twkn timelinesr
2019-12-22Add emojis pager
2019-12-22Fix go modr
2019-12-20Add user page and follow/unfollow callsr
2019-12-18Add reply links on thread pager
2019-12-15Add notification supportr
2019-12-14Add attachments supportr
2019-12-13Initial commitr