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2022-12-17Add support for expiring mutesHEADmasterr
2022-10-25Use cookies for session storager
2022-03-30Switch to html/templater
2022-02-11Add listsr
2021-12-13Remove poll type from notification excluder
2021-12-13Add an option to hide unsupported notificationsr
2021-10-29Add "mute (keep notifications)" buttonr
2021-10-23Show signin button in case of an auth errorr
2021-09-05Add quick replyr
2021-04-23Fix HTML escapingr
2021-04-03Add option for user CSSr
2021-04-03Update error pager
2021-01-30Add username to page titler
2021-01-30Add filtersr
2021-01-23Add remote timeliner
2021-01-23Simplify timeline paginationr
2021-01-17Make redirection work without Referer headerr
2021-01-16Add follow request supportr
2020-11-22Refactor thingsr
2020-11-14Add notification interval settingr
2020-10-30Avoid unnecessary API call on thread pager
2020-10-19Fix retweeted by id on user pager
2020-10-19Add setting for default formatr
2020-10-19Avoid search call for empty queryr
2020-10-17Fix search query escapingr
2020-09-27Fix next link on timeline pager
2020-09-27Add likes listr
2020-09-27Add blocks listr
2020-09-27Add mutes listr
2020-09-27Add bookmarksr
2020-09-03Fix issues related to AntiDopamine moder
2020-09-03Add the Anti Dopamine featureHyphen
2020-07-28Fix typor
2020-06-18Disable scope selection when replying to a direct postr
2020-06-05Show status numbersr
2020-05-29Fix signin page redirection in single instance moder
2020-05-24Refactor thingsr
2020-04-25Add option to hide attachmentsr
2020-04-19Add single instance moder
2020-04-19Add account {hide,show}retweetsr
2020-04-17Add account {,un}subscriber
2020-03-04Remove session details on signoutr
2020-02-26Gracefully handle the elephantr
2020-02-26Add notification count in page titler
2020-02-23Cleanup renderer.gor
2020-02-23Use <base> element to set targetr
2020-02-18Add frame based navigationr
2020-02-09Add poll supportr
2020-02-08Remove account relationship buttons for logged in user's pager